Opening the
realm of Z-space

We advance innovators’ ascension to new dimensions

Airbus Ventures: What We Are

We are the Venture Capital arm of Airbus, proudly inheriting the Adaptive Innovation, Systems Thinking, and International Mindset that distinguish our mothership Airbus, an aerospace upstart since its own beginnings. Building on this heritage we always aim to deeply support our portfolio companies, so that once invested, we can better understand, team and promote our portfolio Founders’ businesses to the Airbus worldwide network of partnering opportunities.

Operating with substantive independence and autonomy vis-à-vis our Airbus mothership, we can also pace and co-invest with traditional top-tier Venture Capital firms, meeting their exacting expectations for financial discipline, speed of diligence and execution, and robust returns. In this manner with VC co-investors we get sight of extraordinary startups whose important future impacts are set to redefine the aerospace industry, but from as far afield as AI, robotics and quantum computing, bringing that much more relevant interconnection and system value to our mothership and portfolio companies.

Our due diligence processes are tough – and highly attractive to partnering VCs; our portfolio’s success rate is extraordinarily high, with business risks closely mitigated by the especially close teaming that is characteristic of Airbus Ventures.

Where We’re Going

We invest in early- and increasingly, in growth- stage companies, acting as lead investors where appropriate, recognising that new and fast-accelerating technologies reshaping aerospace now require newly inspired, ever-curious innovators and entrepreneurs untiring in their pursuit of excellence, from domains often well outside the traditional industry.

With portfolio companies now representing all elements of our investment thesis, from autonomous transportation systems and electrification to deep space capabilities and artificial intelligence and robotic interfaces extending human reach, we actively and successfully team them to help accelerate each other’s businesses, all the while strengthening our knowledge of the gaps in the system so that looking ahead we can sharpen our hunt for system plays.

Conceiving and Entering Z-space

We see a new system-dominated domain ahead, one we term Z-space.

Z in the sense of realising fully three-dimensional challenges, Z in the sense of achieving a full ascent of the vertical axis from ground to deep space, Z in the sense of helping our portfolio companies to master:

  • x) the intersection of successive diligence wins,
  • y) ever-more connected opportunities, and
  • z) final ascension to achieving both vision and successful exit – an exit to achievements in wealth as well as a literal ascension beyond gravity.

We believe it is no accident that more than half of the species on Earth fly – it is the most successful adaptation this planet has known, and now it is humanity’s turn to ascend into Z-space. At Airbus Ventures, we believe that together with our entrepreneurs, we can capture and build on the value of challenging Z-space to engage adaptive innovations, maximize system impacts, and leverage Airbus’ unparalleled global capabilities.

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