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ignite the stars

Accelerate our Founders to Z-space achievement: join our team, expand our network

Does simultaneous entrepreneurship drive you as much as the serial variety?

Do you share our obsession for humanity's ascent to Z-space? Do you believe you have it in your DNA to activate others' in their striving for the best adaptations for future flight? We are constantly looking for diverse global talent that represents the best of our Airbus mothership heritage in Adaptive Innovation, Systems Thinking, and International Mindset, be it in depth of aerospace-relevant scientific and technical skills, integrated business-building experience, or venture finance expertise - if you've all three, you are amongst the stars we aim to reach.

In the Airbus Ventures team we particularly value:

  • Dreams to challenge all of Z-space.
    Returning to the roots of aerospace, we work to lift humanity off the Earth, into the sky, and on to the worlds of the stars - igniting new stars where needed. Incremental advances are less our style, and being told we’re crazy-ambitious for our startups just drives us to work harder for them.
  • Investing in team and technology first.
    Physics and engineering is at the core of what we do. We don’t shy away from complex or frontier technologies, and we seek founders who know how to team and build around the strongest adaptive and technical advantages.
  • Knowing we can’t do it alone.
    At first quietly inspired, obsessed, and technologically informed by birds’ adaptations to flight, the Wright brothers’ achievements in powered flight ultimately drew on the support of a wide international community of sponsors and innovators. We diligently work to support our founders in concert with a host of relevant players, enabling and energising whole new networks of capability as needed. We work in and as a system, investing collaboratively and respecting our startups and co-investors as equally essential elements of success.
  • Intuitively recognizing that integrity is essential in all we do.
    We communicate with transparency and trust. If we don’t like something, we’ll say so. If we don’t understand something, we’ll ask. In turn, we look to our teammates, Founders and partners to be honest with themselves and thoughtful about the implications of the technologies we advance.
  • A shared excitement that we are changing how corporate VC is done.
    We operate independently and autonomously of our mothership. At the same time, Airbus is in our DNA, right from its legacy of adaptive innovation and system-driven industry expertise right through to its unmatched global network. Airbus is an asset to every company we fund, as and when they are ready to build with it.

If you are interested to join our dynamic team - including one of our Airbus Ventures portfolio companies - please send your enquiry to

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