Igniting stars accross a galaxy

Each company we support joins our wider, interconnected galaxy of stars

At Airbus Ventures, we see our entrepreneurs as agents in the complex system that is the future of flight, agents that we can support and bring together, to speed their interactions, to share the disciplines of trial-and-error, and to help them converge around the key patterns and solutions that will accelerate humanity’s ascent even farther into Z-space.

We select our portfolio companies not only for their team strengths and competitive innovations, but for their fit vis-à-vis each other.

We seek adaptive innovations in the sectors we believe essential to the next phase of aerospace growth, namely:

  • Multimodal autonomous mobility and fleet connectivity;
  • Sustainable air transport (including electrification);
  • Digital manufacturing and design and the Industrial Internet of Things;
  • Cybersecurity and air travel Customer Experience;

As well as in sectors set to accelerate this growth through even wider system impact, including:

  • Artificial intelligence, robotics/ robotic interfaces and next-generation computing;
  • Advanced energy and propulsion;
  • Technologies enabling Deep Space exploration (including launch and services)

We are most interested in companies that are well positioned to intensely accelerate their revenue growth and become market leaders.

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